Devia 360° Rotation Folding Stand For Tablet



Introducing the My Devia 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand
Welcome to My Devia, where convenience meets innovation! Experience the versatility of the 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand, a must-have accessory that enhances your mobile device interactions. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a retailer searching for top-quality products, this stand will captivate your attention.

High-Quality Materials for Durability and Compatibility
The My Devia 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand is crafted with precision and built to last, featuring a sturdy aluminum alloy frame. It ensures compatibility with a wide range of mobile phones and tablets, allowing your customers to enjoy its benefits across various devices.

Unleashing Flexibility with the 360° Rotate and Fold Design
Experience unparalleled flexibility with the stand’s 360° rotate and fold design. Effortlessly adjust the viewing angle, enabling both portrait and landscape orientations for an optimal hands-free experience. This versatile feature enhances comfort during video calls, movie watching, or even following cooking recipes.

Compact and Lightweight Design for Easy Portability
With its compact folding size of 1389823mm and a mere weight of 172g, the My Devia 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand is exceptionally portable. It easily fits into bags, pockets, or purses, becoming a go-to companion for those on the move. Enjoy the convenience of a stable stand at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Embrace Profitability as a My Devia Reseller
Partner with My Devia, a reputable brand committed to quality and customer satisfaction. As a reseller, showcase the 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand in your store to attract customers seeking innovative and practical solutions for their mobile devices. This stand’s appealing design and versatility are sure to captivate their attention, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

The My Devia 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand offers convenience, versatility, and durability. Crafted with high-quality materials, its compact design and flexible functionality make it an essential accessory for tech enthusiasts and individuals looking to enhance their digital experience. Become a My Devia reseller and delight your customers with this exceptional product.

Product Name 360° Rotation Folding Phone Stand
Brand Devia
Color Black
Material ABS+PC+ silicone pad + aluminum alloy + carbon steel plate
Weight 172g