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About This Product

The USB-C™ Triple Monitor Docking Station provides extra connectivity from your computer. Extend up to three monitors through HDMI™, VGA and DisplayPort™ or HDMI™. This docking station is designed to be used as a notebook stand, which assists with heat dissipation. With its flexible USB-C™ cord, it keeps in mind the location of the USB-C™ port on your device, ensuring an easy connection.

These multi-adapters allow you to add an additional USB™ 3.1/SD™/microSD™ computer peripheral, HDMI™/DisplayPort™/VGA monitor and Gigabit Ethernet through your USB™ port. One of the USB™ Type-A ports supports fast charging BC1.2 for a smartphone, tablet or iPad®. The USB-C™ port supports power delivery 3.0, allowing you to keep charging your notebook or smartphone while using the adapter.


• USB-C™ power delivery 100W pass-through
• USB-C™ downstream port Gen 1 5G x1;Power delivery adapter in port x1
• USB™ Type-A downstream port Gen 1 5G x3
• DisplayPort™ Alt mode supported
• DisplayPort™/HDMI™ output 4K @ 30 Hz
• Dual output through USB™ graphic HDMI™ with a resolution of 4K @ 30Hz and VGA with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 (download driver here)
• RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
• SD™/microSD™ card slots allow for external memory access
• Combo audio jack mic/speaker
• Cable length 1.5 ft/45 cm

Need a power supply for your docking station? You can buy the docking station with the power adapter here.

USB-C™ is the new standard for connecting PCs and laptops and will eventually replace all current USB™ cables and connectors. This new USB™ standard can be found on laptops, phones, tablets, etc. USB-C™ has a slim and reversible design, so there is no wrong way to plug it in. USB-C™ offers greater power delivery and faster data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps.